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Investigators Who are Responsible for the Familiar Testicular Cancer Study

One of the special features of the research strategy used by the Clinical Genetics Branch is that all studies are conducted by a team of investigators. Each member of the research team brings their own special expertise to the study. In that way, we are able to conduct research into many related problems or questions that exist with regard to a particular familial cancer syndrome.

The Study Team for CGB's Familial Testicular Cancer Project consists of the following investigators:

  • Mark H. Greene, MD : Dr. Greene is the Senior Principal Investigator overseeing the Familial Testicular Cancer Project. He is a medical oncologist,cancer geneticist and the former Chief of the Clinical Genetics Branch.
  • Jennifer Loud, DNP, CRNP : Dr. Loud is the Principal Investigator for this study. She is a doctorally-prepared oncology nurse practitioner with special training in cancer genetics.
  • Douglas R. Stewart, MD : Dr. Stewart is a board-certified medical geneticist, who now leads the genomic analysis component of the familial testicular cancer project.
  • Christian P. Kratz, MD : Dr. Kratz is board certified in pediatric hematology/oncology, who formerly was the PI on this project. He now serves as an Adjunct Investigator with CGB, with an interest in the genomics of familial testicular cancer.
  • Lisa Mirabello, PhD : Dr. Mirabello is a molecular biologist/population geneticist who currently leads the epigenetics research activity within the Familial Testicular Cancer project.
  • Mary L. McMaster, MD : Dr. McMaster is responsible for the portion of the project that relates to studies being done in collaboration with the International Testicular Cancer Linkage Consortium. She is a medical oncologist and cancer geneticist.
  • June Peters, MS : Ms. Peters is the senior genetic counselor involved in the Familial Testicular Cancer, who also leads the research project exploring the application of the Colored Ecogenetics Relationship Map (CEGRM) to populations of male subjects.